The Cosmic Woman does not know a stranger. She looks on all creadon as a whole and sees its parts as related to her in a very special way. She recognizes that the same impulse that nourishes her being nourishes all the rest of humanity, and that people are all related—different and separate—but of the same source. She seeks to know herself in studying all things, but especially in the mirror of her own kind. She looks for, and expects to find in the contacts she makes, keys to understanding her own nature.

Her friendliness knows no boundaries. She is as apt to strike up a conversation with the garbage collector as she is with a prominent banker, and she may well enjoy it more. She is interested in life's experiences no matter where they occur, and she is open to all sources of information.

She is a rare friend, for she is completely honest. She feels almost compelled to help her friends see themselves and the situations in which they are embroiled in the light of day. She is so in tune with life and has had so much experience in living that she is seldom fooled about others' motivations. And when her experience is not enough, she relies on her intuition.

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