The most important possession a Gemini Woman has is her freedom. She is definitely a no-strings-attached, independent lady. If someone tries to possess her time or her body, she immediately pulls away. Both commodities are hers to do with as she pleases. She may choose to squander either on useless pursuits, but the choice must remain hers. Air knows no boundaries, and the Gemini Woman wants very few. She desires to be as free as the wind, and just as mobile.

She seeks the same quality in her relationships. She does not want to be bound by the restraints of responsibility and duty. Although she will assume a great deal of both, again the choice must be hers. She does not want to feel that they have been imposed on her.

The Gemini Woman often turns to avenues of pure escapism. Alcohol, drugs, nicotine, movies, love stories, soap operas, and compulsive work habits offer escape valves that help her let off excess energy. Whatever the opiate, however, none is effective unless she learns to operate within human boundaries. It is difficult for her to live with this basic limitation.

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