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The Gemini Woman spends a great deal of time trying to break the shackles others have placed on her. Much of love and marriage has built-in conditions, strings the Gemini Woman cannot tolerate. She is happy when she is loving, but don't try to use that love to tie her down to routine, obligation, or permanence. She must be able to exit a relationship as easily as she entered.

She does not like the permanence of possessions, either, and she will give away or throw away material goods that are not being used. If she hasn't touched it in three months, she thinks she'll never need it—and out it goes! She wants to be ready to move at moment's notice, and the fewer things she has, the easier it is. She often lacks "gathering" energy (she uses it so carelessly), and she doesn't want to bother with a lot of clutter.

The Gemini Woman often appears impractical to her friends. She seeks stability in her life yet will throw it away if she becomes impatient. She wants to be loved but does not want to accept any responsibility for her beloved. She wants to learn but often blocks the attempts of those who would teach her.

She dreams very grandiose dreams but often lacks the translation ability to make them reality. She lacks the patience to follow through on many of her schemes. Her low threshold for boredom generates a lack of determination and persistence in seeing projects through.

Too often, she hitches her wagon to stars rather than to fence posts. Her dreams are built on desires and need to be grounded. She needs to ask herself if the dreams are possible, considering situational reality. She sees things in an almost ideal state. She needs to view them in light of hard reality and work towards modifying what is to match what might be.

Her dreamworld is often the basis of her rather skittish life. Her reality is so tenuous that it is always in danger of cracking or breaking from the weight of the demands she places on herself. There is a delicate balance between the two worlds. She must strive to maintain the ideal, melding her own realities with those life pushes towards her.


The Gemini Woman doesn't seem to age and keeps her childlike innocence intact. As part of her character, her ability to love seems boundless; this in itself helps keep her young. In fact, there are very few times in her life when she isn't in love.

The Gemini Woman also works at staying young. She likes her slim figure and watches what she eats. She has very good skin and takes care of it. She even dresses younger than her years. Above all, she keeps a youthful attitude. Her innate joy in discovery, in learning, and her involvement in things around her give her an air of expectancy. She is nearly childlike as she finds that there is a whole world out there to explore.

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