Flashy Exhihitionistic

The Sagittarius Woman is often very exotic. A traveler/explorer by nature, she often has unique and exquisite clothing that she brought back from foreign ports. She loves silver, gold, and stones more than cut jewels. Her taste in adornment is often primitive; her bronze Tanzanian collar and feather earrings may create a sensation.

The young Sagittarius Woman displays domestic adventurousness, and she loves faddish clothes—the more outlandish the better, so long as they enhance rather than inhibit her sense of freedom. If she succumbs to the temptation of purple six-inch platform shoes, you will as often find them slung over her shoulder like sneakers as on her feet. She will wear a skin-tight Mylar skirt if it's slit high enough to accommodate her long strides. She loves glittery makeup and glitzy shirts. She may paint her nails green and her lips black for fun. She is proud of her supple, athletic body and will show it off in cellophane, dyed leather, and brilliant jewel-toned silks. No matter how gorgeous or outrageous, if her clothes cramp her style, they will simply come off.

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