Feeling Tender Affectionate

A great deal of the Cosmic Woman's time has been spent validating her feelings to herself and others. There has been a conspiracy in the male-dominated world to degrade and ignore the intuitive as too flighty, too unscientific, too irrational to be useful. The Cosmic Woman long ago dismissed these rebuffs because she knew that her feelings were correct and that they could be trusted more than the scientific predictions of the weather forecaster.

The Cosmic Woman possesses a settled goodwill that has regard for the feelings of others. She respects emotions, both her own and others', and can express the love and caring she has for someone. She knows that such verbalizations, even a simple "I love you," have a profound effect on the emotions. She enjoys seeing the positive reactions that her affection elicits. Her heart is very kind, and this is one of her most endearing qualities. In her Pisces phase she learned to feel, to nurture, and to heal. It is little wonder that she treats all life with such tenderness.

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