Fears Intimacy Shy Humble

The Aquarius Woman tends to use her mind as a security blanket. She may embrace large causes, groups, societies, and crowds to lose herself and avoid one-to-one, face-to-face intimacy. She may be an emotional virgin throughout life, or at least until she experiences her first irrational, uncontrolled urge to be with someone and pour her soul out—an experience that is apt to shake her to the core.

She is usually more experimental conceptually than experientially. She believes absolutely in freedom and in the necessity for change and growth. But human beings have a way of getting scared on the threshold of change, and Aquarius is no different. Thus, she often talks a better game than she plays. Her greatest conflict is masked by her broad-mindedness and experimental stance. These are apt to hide her Achilles' heel, fear of intimacy very often coupled with fear of failure.

The Aquarius Woman is apt to be timid and somewhat passive in personal relations. She is more willing to generalize than to personalize, especially about herself. Few people cross the Rubicon to her carefully guarded inner self. Even fewer seem to understand that her oft zealous public engagements are easier for her than intimate tete-a-tetes.

She has a strong and attractive streak of modesty. She can be a public servant who really serves the people with fairness and humility. Her inner eye appears to see and accept the insignificance of a personality in the large scheme of things.

Informal, Compartmentalized

She tends to dislike formal presentations, repetitive rituals, and overburdening structures. She would rather go to the ball dressed as Cinderella than as the princess, preferring the offbeat and casual. She may like the flexibility of the latest Italian modern furniture, the simplicity of Japanese living rooms, the originality and functional beauty of Victorian bathtubs with claw feet. Modular everything, mobile furniture, housing, and lifestyles fascinate her.

She can tuck her job in one corner of her mind and her love life in another. If necessary, she will leave her home in a disorganized shambles to run down a new lead or hobby. She can detach herself from family cares so that they seldom distract her at work. One Aquarian friend of mine looked out her window one morning and saw her horse lying dead in the meadow. She called the police and the county animal protection board, calmly dressed, and left for a fund-raising luncheon in the city. The horse, of course, was taken away and disposed of during her absence.

The ability to split her mind helps her concentration. Success is usually within her reach, partly for this reason. She will rarely allow herself to be disturbed by the hobgoblin of little minds, consistency, or the food of dramatists, emotional conflict. She frequently uses overwork as an escape from intimacy.

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