Fearless Guiltless

The Cosmic Woman has met so many goblins on her way to becoming an actualized person that she fears very little. She does not worry about unknowns. She plunges right ahead and is prepared for things as they happen. She has passed the initiation of her Pisces phase and does not worry a great deal. She is concerned but has learned that people must take responsibility for their own lives just as she has taken responsibility for hers.

She recognizes that guilt is one of the most binding of feelings and has left little room for it in her life. She lives so clearly and purely that she never does anything she feels guilty about. Having shaken many of the guilt trips laid on her by her family, her society, her friends, and her lovers, she now recognizes that most of it was done to manipulate and control her responses. Here again she feels little need for such restraints. She is tired of being victimized by people who do not have her best interests at heart.

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