Fearful Overprotective Fretful

The Cancer Woman typically slays more dragons in her imagination than Queen Isabella persecuted heretics under the Inquisition. That is because Cancer lives with more dragons than anyone else, except perhaps her Pisces sister when she succumbs to the doldrums.

The moon lady is a worrywart. She complains, nags, whines, cajoles, and seduces, all with the intention of safeguarding her loved ones so as to spare herself further worry. Worrying probably makes her feel a participant in the activities of others.

Fear has a way of eroding her self-confidence. She may develop phobias about snakes, spiders, or heights. Fear can block her personal and professional growth by destroying her already weak initiative. Fear makes her cling to the safe route and the known path. It is responsible for her almost legendary overprotection of her children and general smothering of people. If she has a genuine desire to make people comfortable, she usually has an equally real fear for their safety and happiness.

The mother hovering breathlessly over her teenager with admonishments to be sure to fetch the milk, say hello to the policeman on the corner, call Dad at lunch break, avoid drafts, and come home on time is the Cancer Woman. If you have met a mother who warms her child's pajamas in the oven on cold winter days and bakes three desserts when Grandma comes to dinner, whose house the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus never, ever miss, you have just met the Cancer Woman.

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