Explorer Farout

It is conceivable that a Sagittarius Woman combined the two words wander and lust to come up with the term as we know it now. She indeed has a lust for travel, for different experiences, for new places and faces. I've heard tales of a Sagittarius woman who, at sixty-eight years of age, took a correspondence course in hotel/motel management from her home in Sun City, Arizona. Before her family back in the Midwest could attempt to intrude their sense of reality, she was living in the mountains of Colorado, managing a resort during the winter months. Since her aging dachsund couldn't cope with the diminished oxygen at that elevation, the woman picked up and set out for Southern California to manage a nursing home.

The Sagittarius Woman has known since childhood what a bottomless reservoir of energy she has. This makes it all the more difficult for her to comprehend the importance of control and direction in her activities. She rarely wastes much time in a state of frozen indecision; instead she'll juggle six interests simultaneously and only partially satisfy each. Another tendency of hers is to go off on wild tangents in the belief that "anything worth doing is worth doing completely." She'll reverse directions just as quickly when her blind faith and native optimism crash into obstacles she is unwilling to surmount. The eccentricity of the Sagittarius Woman is a marvel to witness but often a hell to live with.

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