Expansive Always in Motion

The Sagittarius Woman is always on the go. She rarely sits still and usually requires a tremendous amount of exercise. This is especially true if she is bored with her work or is under pressure; you will often see her jogging at dawn and on the tennis courts at lunchtime.

She particularly loves field sports or any activity that allows her full freedom to roam. She often has horse fever as a child, and to this day, her greatest pleasure is a gallop through the open country. Not the type to tap her foot if the party is too slow or crowded, she may lead half your guests into the pool or up to the roof for a midnight game of volleyball.

The gypsy of the Zodiac, she moves with the same grace and power across a room or a continent. But move she must. Stagnation, restlessness, and boredom will actually make her physically ill. The ailing Sagittarian can do more for her health with a quick and stimulating change of pace than with any rest cure or prescription.

The Sagittarius Woman dreams of expanding her influence as far as possible. The last Dowager Empress of China, Tsu Hsi, provides a good example, for through her intuitive power plays, she came to rule one-fourth of the world's population. Such is the extent of the Sagittarius Woman's dream if she becomes obsessed with power. She can become so attached to doing things in a big way that she neglects human needs.

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