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The Gemini Woman loves to entertain. Unlike her Taurus and Cancer sisters, whose affairs feature abundant food as the center of attraction, she herself is the main course. She is in her element at a party. She can be charming, she can be witty, she can exercise her word power. She will tease, excite, and be the life of the party. When her guests leave, she is totally exhilarated and feels no responsibility for the lives of those she has touched.

She has a backlog of interesting things to talk about and is never at a loss for words. She will dredge up some long-forgotten bit of information about the cholera plague of 1850, the sex life of the fruit fly, or the social significance of Philip Johnson's glass house in Connecticut and build an interesting evening's conversation around it. She never tires of telling stories and remembering the funny things that have happened in her nonstop, no-turning-back life.

She may even treat you to a song or a piano rendition. Her voice is apt to have a poetic quality to it and be filled with expression. This ability to get the most out of a word and imbue it with emotional content is very much a Gemini characteristic. Her musical tastes run the gamut, but it is almost a prerequisite that the music be dramatic, moving, and full of character.

Whatever the method, the Gemini Woman will stimulate thinking in those around her. She delights in stretching minds. The expectant air she exudes, the gyrations of her mind as it skips from image to image, subject to subject, almost demand that you jump on the roller coaster and be taken along for the ride. She makes an excellent teacher because of this very ability.

Just as she cannot stand to see a mind at ease, a lazy body also causes her to spring into action. She will invent some project, devise some plan, or simply push the body into an activity. She isn't too concerned about the outcome, believing that some good is bound to come from action per se. I have one Gemini friend who is constantly pushing, prodding, and nagging her Libra husband into action; although much against his will, he is usually delighted once he gets involved.

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