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The Sagittarius Woman is a fabulous hostess. She entertains with an exotic flair that is as much a result of her guest list as of her menu. She is a world traveler, at the very least in spirit, and your fare will consist of an ingenious and piquant combination of foreign dishes. She may give you a creamy Italian pasta dish with hot, spicy Chinese eggplant, and elegant chilled Portuguese fish as your main course. Her hors d'oeuvres will be inspired by the Middle East, and dessert will be irresistibly French.

The usually accomplished Sagittarian will create a brilliant effect with lights and atmosphere, and you may well spend a good deal of your evening out under the stars. If her plan doesn't work—if you hate the food or the mood seems wrong—she will impulsively reroute her bash by ordering cases of champagne and a cake for eighty, and then jumping into the pool without her clothes! Insensitive though she may be to individual feelings, she reads group reactions like a Geiger counter. She is often the catalyst of a rollicking good time.

In spite of her disastrously blunt moments, the Sagittarius Woman is the ideal guest. Her sunshiny personality and the frankly sensual, inquisitive look in her eyes will quickly break the ice at any party. She will often open with a provocative remark— be it political, sexual, or philosophic—then bring as many into the act as she can. She is enthusiastic, widely read, and interested in everything. Above all, her buoyancy and movement will inspire a burst of circulation, and she will end up introducing half your guests to each other—whether she knows them or not!

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