Early Sex Experiences

Many Virgo-type girls grow up in moralistic, loveless households. They are often reared to be traditionally feminine, supportive, sexually passive, and closed. They expect to depend on a man for satisfaction. Sex is generally not discussed in the home, and the parents are unlikely to communicate to their daughter positive sexual attitudes.

Bred to be a dutiful, obedient daughter, Virgo also harbors a stubborn streak of rebellion that may drive her away from home and into an early marriage. Her pent-up needs for adventure and experience may be expressed in a search for unconventional jobs or lifestyles.

In high school, she is apt to carve out a niche for herself and earn people's respect. She is usually popular and has serious responsibilities as president of a club, head cheerleader, top speller, or intellectual in residence. She typically has friends of both sexes, but she remains guarded and is not an easygoing, superficially friendly person. She is seldom a toucher, usually preferring to relay her point or her affections verbally.

She often has a fabulous fantasy world that provides a delicious secret escape. She yearns for glamour and excitement, and deep down she may dislike the atmosphere of carefully controlled sensuality that surrounds her. She may devour sexually oriented material in secret, sneak into porno movies, and discuss sexual positions with her friends. She wants to know. She may also be excited by breaking taboos.

She may be asexual in adolescence, or she may be a glamour girl, sex symbol, or bohemian artist. She may be compulsively clean or, at the other extreme, revel in being sloppy. The loss of virginity is a rude shock and may precipitate a crisis of conscience.

The Virgo girl may flirt with lesbianism or, less often, with bisexuality. She may have affairs with other girls or mad crushes on girls and women which remain fantasies. She tends to be insecure about her sexuality and about men, and she may prefer all her life to have exclusively female confidantes.

She often admires her mother much more than her father but also is bound to resent her. She tends to internalize her mother's doubts or sexual guilt and later to transfer these feelings unknowingly to her own relationships. Since the Virgo girl is unusually precise and dutiful, she is especially prone to unconscious imitation of her mother's virtues as well as her difficulties. The best remedy for this is self-awareness.

She is unusually fascinated with pure and perfect romance. She tends to idealize love and may fall in love with love itself rather than with a person. She is bound to adore all the showy accoutrements of romance and is easy prey for a gift-bearing suitor with imagination. Few young men are equipped to fulfill her dreams of perfection, however, and she may not fall in love happily until long after she has given up her virginity.

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