Early Sex Experiences

The young Sagittarius girl is very precocious, though often not in the way she seems to be. She is usually a very active child, constantly seeking new stimuli for her quick, curious mind and her powerfully physical body. She may have masturbated for as long as she can remember. She is also likely to have early erotic experiences with pets, sitting with her purring kitten beneath her skirt or letting her dog lick her "special place." She is naturally a great horse lover, and often her earliest crush is on the shaggy Shetland pony she rides bareback in the paddock.

On the other hand, some Sagittarius girls seem totally oblivious to their sexual natures. They are nonetheless very active, and their sexual energy is sublimated into sports and extracurricular activities like music lessons, drama club, and the school newspaper. But whether she is sensually oriented at this age or not, her energy and independence set the Sagittarius girl apart from other girls her age.

She often prefers boys as playmates. Doll parties drive her crazy, and she considers most of the girls she knows "sissies." She would much rather build a tree fort and is usually the only girl the neighborhood boys will tolerate. As she grows older, her tomboyishness may earn her a reputation for being "fast." The fifteen-year-old Sagittarius girl cannot imagine what's wrong with playing touch football with the guys past dusk, and she is likely to be out past dawn on prom night, careening off for a summer swim in the wee hours with two boys and another terrified female classmate.

The assumptions made about her behavior by other girls and their parents will only confuse her. Boys have long been her favorite companions, and besides genuinely liking her, they are often relieved to find no coy or threatening undertones in her actions. It will take a determined and experienced boy to awaken the sleeping sensuality of the energetic young Sagittarian. It is not heriear that postpones her initiation, but rather her boyfriend's. He may well find her sunshiny personality like a bracing cold shower. She can remain oblivious to the whole sexual process unless she hangs out at a breeding farm or has a randy dog. At this young age she is especially blind to sexual nuances, and most of her male peers are too self-conscious to teach her.

The Sagittarian girl is apt to take her initiation into her own hands. She may learn about the promised pleasures through her girl friends (she has lots of them—primarily teammates—by high school). Or the great revelation may occur to her while she's watching the neighborhood dogs grunt and roll on the playing field. In any case, she often decides when, where, and with whom she will have her first sexual encounter. It may be an "older man"—a college boy or someone from outside her sphere. Or she may tackle the issue head-on with her boyfriend by asking him directly to make love to her. Often, this comes as an enormous surprise to him, since she has always resisted his snuggling before, wanting a hard kiss and a squeeze, but none of that "icky stuff." Now she wants the real thing, and it may all be too much for him. If so, her loyalty may postpone her education even further. But she will be very disappointed, and she won't wait around for long.

By the time the Sagittarius girl reaches her early twenties, she will often be an accomplished lover. After her initiation, she will enthusiastically launch herself on a program of self-education. She is a fast learner; her athletic ability combined with her strong aesthetic sense makes her a glorious partner in the act of love. Her joyful sexuality and her independent spirit give men license to love her with no strings attached. Many men will find her, at least initially, their ideal.

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