Early Sex Experiences

The Cancer Woman generally seems extremely virginal and modest—so much so that one often has the impression that she goes to her bridal suite without an ounce of sexual knowledge or experience. But appearances often deceive, and though there are some who wait to be "deflowered" on their wedding nights, most Cancer girls are early risers and early sexual bloomers.

The mother or principal mother figure looms large in Cancer's upbringing. Sex may be shrouded in such secrecy that she receives no sex education at all. She may be so ignorant that upon getting her first menstrual period she thinks she sat on a tomato or in some red paint. She is seldom prepared by her mother for the reality of sexual relations, especially since Cancer daughters appear to be old-fashionedly modest, shy, and guarded.

Her sex education often consists of overheard snatches of conversation, pats on the head by an older sister, and stolen words over the fence or on the radio. She is sentimental and impressionable, and by watching films and television, she may form decidedly strange notions about what really happens once the lights are out. Her powerful imagination hypes taboos, and she may decide to try sex in secret and see for herself if the taboos are warranted.

The Cancer girl is apt to be practical, and she dislikes being ignored or fooled. She also has an insatiable need to be touched and admired. Often, sex in high school is the best way to meet these needs. She is not likely to assert herself at dances or to call a boy and ask him out for a date. If she is not pursued, she is content to take a back seat to more aggressive girls and wait patiently. Thus she learns how to send subtle messages of come-hither, and sooner or later she is ardendy wooed by a variety of young men. She seems to have a chemical attraction to older men from the beginning, though later she may decide that it would not be practical to marry one.

The Cancer girl has strongly conservative and self-protective instincts. Therefore, she is unlikely to spill the beans about her sexual experiments. She is typically very secretive about her real activities, and neither her hairdresser nor her best friend knows for sure.

More than a dozen Cancer teenagers have told me of losing their virginity as a result of careful contemplation of the pros and cons. Each chose her first lover cautiously and picked a place where she would be safe and unhurried. The Cancer girl is not likely to jump in the back of the car for a quickie. She protects her reputation, and she is normally uninterested in Erica Jong's zipless fuck. The overprotected Cancer girl may be forced to remain a virgin until marriage, but this same girl will often contract an early union in response.

Cancer sometimes has a crush on her father or another older male, perhaps to counterbalance her mother's overwhelming impact. She seeks her teachers' approval and is likely to be a good student thanks to her elephant's memory. She may be a copycat if she encounters a sufficiently admirable model of sexy femininity.

The Cancer girl has early tendencies to be turned on by other women, though she does not necessarily admit this. Bisexuality may appeal to her. Sex accompanied by a great deal of tenderness and feeling is important to her, and in the course of her life she may encounter many men but fewer women who are unable to give it to her.

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