Early Sex Experiences

Nothing the Scorpio Woman does is simple. There are always two extreme paths for her, and her sex life is no different. As an adolescent and young adult, she is either extremely repressed and avoids sex altogether, or she is an early devotee of a full range of sexual activities. She may be a professional virgin or a sexual sophisticate.

The late-blooming route is taken by the Scorpio Woman who is brought up in a sexually inhibiting environment. Most often, it is a religious home or school where she is encouraged or forced to channel her energies away from sex.

If she is abused or grows up in a home without warmth, she is bound to withdraw into a secret world of fantasy. She may dream of wild adventures, of daring rescues or of bad princes who abduct and rape her. She may be depressed or sick throughout her teenage years. But repression and submission are seldom permanent. Sooner or later, she learns how to snatch mundane victory (status or leadership) from the jaws of sexual defeat. She is likely to rehearse it all in her dreams first.

The Scorpio girl may also choose the other extreme and develop sexually by age twelve. She may throw caution to the wind, rebel, and get to the bottom (or peak) of the much-touted experience we call sex. She may take risks that drive authorities wild. Rizzo, the leader of the female street gang in Grease, engaged in this kind of behavior and ended with an unwanted pregnancy.

The Scorpio girl is apt to be unpopular with other girls and usually has only one confidante. She is secretive and suffers in silence. Her sexual activities in her youth and later may be a partial compensation for the loneliness she almost inevitably feels as a teenager.

She often develops a mad crush on a female teacher at twelve or thirteen and then transfers it to a male. Most teenage girls do this, but the Scorpio female (or the girl in the Scorpio phase) does it to excess. She may be ridiculed for it.

As an adolescent, she usually broods a lot, is preoccupied with death, and may be convinced that love will elude her forever. Because of the inherent nature of Scorpio, she is also bound to be exposed to some unusual sexual situations. Incest, hidden affairs, sexual cruelty, drugs, and associations with undesirables may all be part of the scene around her.

Scorpio is usually infatuated with unrequited love, which seems to allow her to indulge her latent masochism. She frequendy loses her virginity by the end of high school. If she resists temptation, she may do so out of the mistaken belief that chastity will help her control her desires altogether. In fact, it may do the opposite. Bottling up sexual tension can create a Mount Vesuvius inside her.

By twenty, she has usually wrapped some mesmerized males around her fingers— or thighs, as the case may be. She is well on her way to flowering into a sexual activist. She is willing to dish out sex and take it in return.

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