Early Sex Experiences

The Cosmic Woman accepts sex as a natural part of living at a very early age and usually integrates it into her life as a child. She is usually a very evolved litde woman. Having spent a good deal of time by herself, she recognizes her other worldly side early and is ready for multidimensional encounters at a much earlier age than the boys around her. She has sex early but is often disappointed that it is so one-sided and flat. She knows that something is missing, but it may take her awhile to figure out exacdy what it is.

After she has been able to separate her true inner feelings from her emotional responses, she is better able to cope with her sex role as a multidimensional person in a unidimensional world. She knows that there is nothing wrong with the way she is. It is just that most people expect her to react to the same single element they do. But soon she discovers that there is much more to her, and indeed that she is rather a rarity, for she expects much more from life and sex than do those around her.

It may take the Cosmic Child a long time to grow up, for there are so many lessons to be learned. It is very confusing for her to realize that things are not as they should be, and it requires effort to be able to accept and deal with the seeming paradoxes that surround her on every side. It is when she learns how to truly love that things become clear.

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