Early Sex Experiences

Capricorn's early sex life is apt to be more a desert than a dessert. She usually blooms late. She is normally more interested in concrete rewards of the kind that marriage brings than in pure and less tangible sexual pleasure. She may not always know how to relax, being performance-conscious and quite shy.

From time to time, one finds a Capricorn girl who starts with the boys as early as twelve. By age eighteen, this young lady will be capable of authoring her own version of Fanny Hill She is a fascinating exception to the Capricorn rule. One surmises that she somehow found the early key to her own naturally high sex drive, and authorities be damned! She may prefer earthy, sensual pleasure and intense exploration to the usual cautious Capricorn path of slow sexual maturing combined with increasing material or scholarly concerns.

Capricorn usually dislikes doing things halfway. Thus, our young explorer may be every bit as open and sexually sophisticated as faster-maturing types. She is likely to do things thoroughly, so she will have covered every angle. And, unlike others of her type, she may be ready to move on to a marriage or business partnership at eighteen or twenty-one, just when the typical Capricorn female is learning the meaning of that special smile.

The Capricorn Woman is usually most comfortable in a monogamous relationship. She is frequendy jealous and generally demanding. She must carefully examine her sexual (and other) expectations before entering a serious relationship.

The typical Capricorn girl has at least one big crush on a female upper-class member or a teacher, but she is probably too embarrassed to talk about it. She may secretly fear homosexuality even before she knows what to call a same-sex attraction. Of the many Capricorn girls who experiment with homosexual relationships, most come to accept them as a stage in their sexual growth.

The Capricorn female must be wary of drugs and alcohol. She is secredy attracted to them in the hope that they will loosen her up. However, alcohol is a depressant, and recent research suggests that even marijuana is habit-forming and affects one destructively in the long run. Thus, Capricorn would be better off trying to relax socially by finding ways to express herself and increase her self-esteem and her communication skills. Drama, reciting poetry, sales, promotion work, and hostessing are all excellent training grounds for her.

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