Early Sex Experiences

Curiosity marks Gemini as a child and young adult. She wants to know what is happening behind her parents' closed bedroom door and is likely to peek at one time or another. She is curious about the anatomy of her playmates and may explore that realm during childhood games.

A precocious child has sexual experiences early in life. She also tends to fall in love very early on. Her crushes often blossom into full-fledged love affairs, on her part at least. She ties much of her emotional life into this first relationship, and the imprint is lifelong.

If she is overly criticized or chastised for her mad crushes, either by a parent or an older brother or sister, this too can have a lasting detrimental effect on her life. If she suffers disapproval at an early age in her search for a soulmate, the disapproval can manifest itself over the years and become guilt when, as an adult, she continues and enlarges her quest.

She tends to be a highly emotional child and will run the emotional gamut more quickly than most. She has difficulty sticking with a single feeling. Fantasy plays an important part in her early development. She may have imaginary playmates with whom she engages in some pretty wild and far-out sexual activities. She has an ability to construct long, complex stories of the perfect love and act them out in the safety and privacy of her own room. Her fear of putting these fantasies into action often has a bearing on her sexual actualization later on in life.

Usually by her twentieth year, the Gemini Woman has received the imprint for her sexual development and will seldom deviate from it. True to the rest of her development, however, she can be as varied in her tastes for sex as she is in her personality.

Whatever her sexual orientation, she still pursues the ever-elusive lost part of herself. She seeks a mirror image from which to learn. She would be happiest if she could clone herself into an identical twin so that she could observe her actions more closely and accurately.

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