Eager Joyous Optimistic

The Sagittarius Woman rises early to embrace the sun. She welcomes each dawn as the beginning of a new adventure, with the potential for great challenge and discovery just around the corner. The prototypical Pollyanna, she will never let yesterday's disasters taint the possibilities of this morning. Tomorrow is indeed always another day for her, and each day presents a clean slate and a bright future. She will bound out of bed and out the door for a stretch and a walk, grabbing a handful of berries or fruit on her way. Even the city Sagittarian can be seen on her terrace, nose pointed skyward toward the sun.

One of Jupiter's great gifts to this sign is an endless, buoyant optimism that will forever influence her destiny. Life for the Sagittarius Woman rarely involves a struggle or challenge that is not of her own choosing. Her ruling planet is a Queen Isabella whose patronage opens whole continents of freedom and discovery to her exploration. Mary Martin, whose Peter Pan endeared her to audiences around the world, typifies this aspect of the Sagittarius Woman's personality.

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