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Many an Aquarian has said the same thing to me: "I don't know what compels me to work so hard. There is something inside me that forces me to give of myself, a drive to help. Perhaps it is the old urge for immortality; I want to leave something behind me, to make a difference."

The Aquarius Woman may be oblivious to household chores, but she is unlikely to neglect anything she considers essential to the advancement of causes or to the good of the people. She is often a teacher, albeit not the conventional sort. She may be a publisher, lecturer, medic. She may teach by example and by conduct, by haranguing teenagers on a crowded subway about the ills of marijuana, by writing angry protest letters to politicians, by founding an alternative education or lifestyles network. She deeply believes in the potential for good in everyone. She would like to bring about enlightenment for the masses. Though she is secretly an elitist, she wants all people to better themselves. Self-actualization and group sharing are Aquarian ideals.

On the other hand, she often ignores the personal dimension. She forgets that a touch is more healing and may ultimately be a more effective teaching tool than an impersonal half-hour lecture. She is not exactly secretive, but she is unlikely to be self-revealing; she sometimes lies by omission. She can be a visionary humanitarian, a kind leader, a strong comrade. But she is often tactless and can defeat her grand designs by failing to work with the little people who make the big projects go. Thus, she frequently has trouble practicing what she preaches. She often finds it easier to envision ends than to find and adopt available means.

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