Dramatic Multifaceted

The Gemini Woman seeks the drama in life. There must be action, dialogue, conflict. She seems to learn more quickly when life offers difficulties to be overcome, when there is a clear story and a plot that leads somewhere. She can also be dramatic in her self-expression, especially her writing. Reading one of her letters makes you feel you are right there with her. Her decorating also shows a flair for the dramatic, perhaps in the use of a bold color (she likes them all and has no favorites) or in the proper placement of an old Chinese chair and screen. Whatever the device, she achieves a striking scenario like few others.

You can never say you really know a Gemini Woman. Just when you think you have her down to a science, she reveals a facet you never expected. She may casually mention that she taught school in Alaska, once went scuba diving off the coast of Australia, or whatever, and that she hadn't thought you'd be interested. She has kept these "secrets" carefully concealed for the right moment. She knows how to make an impact.

Whatever the task at hand, one of her many selves will generally rise to the occasion. She may never have given first aid, but in an accident she is the one who has the presence of mind to apply a tourniquet. She is good in any emergency. If the books need to be balanced and cleaned up before the auditors come, she is the one you'll find working late.

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