The Cosmic Woman lives in the world but is not part of it. This apparent contradiction is possible because she is aware of her multidimensional nature and cognizant that her true being exists on many levels. Although her physical self is firmly grounded in the earth and all the activities of that plane, she recognizes that part of her nature is related to the stars. She has evolved enough to activate both and to release other subde forces that also exist within her.

She can do this because she detaches herself from most of the things that bind people to a one-dimensional existence. She detaches herself from her emotions and the strong energies sex creates. She knows that she is not what she feels. Her emotions are ships passing in the night. They come and they go, affecting her strongly, but not determining the totality of what she is. Nor do her thoughts determine what she is. They affect her attitude, her reactions to things, her perspectives on life, but she is more than her thoughts. There is a small, powerful center within her to which she retreats to escape from her emotions, her thoughts, her negative and positive actions which is her true self and where she really feels at home.

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