Demanding Perfectionist Selfrighteous Persuasive

Virgo demands top performance from herself in every task she undertakes. She seems to view the world as a rational place in which everything and everyone has a role and a purpose. She is bent on finding her own and fulfilling them to a tee. And she will accept no less from others.

She may believe that everyone who doesn't follow rules, especially the rules by which she lives, is probably quite crazy. Such a simplistic view may be comforting to her, but it also creates constant disappointment. This, in turn, may confirm her basic view of the world as a tough place to "get satisfaction." Her demands are often justified, though her tone is frequently so harsh as to be intolerable to people with weaker egos or principles. She seems to see a purity of form and perfection of detail that escape other eyes.

Things matter to her intensely, mostly on the basis of the utilitarian principle. It is difficult to refute her when she marshals her well-thought-out and logically presented arguments about tax reform, health care, political corruption, school redistricting, or labor relations. Virgo is usually convinced that what she believes and what she does are essential, and she cannot understand how anyone could—or indeed, why anyone should—disagree.

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