Demanding Magnanimous

Though Leo is not the most complicated woman you are likely to meet, she has her idiosyncrasies. For example, she may be both extremely demanding of people and excessively generous to them. She seldom gives without expecting a great deal in return. Moreover, she may want it all on her terms. Though she may not be conscious of it, she often wants others to express affection and friendship in the same way she does.

She tends to set very high goals, even for herself. She dislikes looking less than her best; she rarely surrounds herself with people and objects that lack class. In her relationships, she will probably want a steady link. She may keep tabs on the whereabouts and emotional state of her friends, and she will not hesitate to call India if that's where they happen to be.

With her lovers, she is the soul of generosity, provided they remember to treat her in the way she expects. She wants extra attention most of the time, and more when she is under stress. She may seldom accept that others have priorities different from her own. In short, she may be a benevolent dictator.

The best way to cope with her demands is to be unfailingly demonstrative and tolerant. She probably doesn't mean to make others neglect their needs in favor of hers, but she is likely to be filled with a flamboyant sense of self-importance. If it finds no outlet, she will turn into a nasty, not benevolent, dictator.

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