Curious Childlike Filled with Wonder

The Cosmic Woman has not lost the ability to be amazed and filled with wonder. She approaches each day with a zest for discovery. She still feels excitement for each new experience, for each new undertaking. She is able to look at a starry sky and marvel at her place within the vastness of space. She can stand at the top of the Grand Canyon and be in awe of the powerful forces of nature that carved such a wonder. She thrills to thunder and lightning and the power of a raging sea. She gets goose bumps thinking about the miracle of birth.

Her attitude toward the world and other people is very childlike. She fully realizes the vulnerability of such an approach but feels that the rewards are too great to worry much about the inherent dangers. She is really quite fearless about becoming involved because she anticipates only the positive and the good.

Her curiosity is a driving force in her explorations, whether of places, people, or the misty world of the unseen. There is no subject under the sun that she will not investigate. She may totally reject what she finds as not fitting her particular needs, but she feels confident in her ability to decide for herself the utility and validity of any system of thought. Indeed, she feels almost compelled to make the decision for herself, since she has found that many have tried to manipulate her mind during her formative years. She resists the games of other people; she wants to know what she thinks and not be bound by the projections of anyone that would try to put her in an uncomfortable stereotyped role.

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