Curious Adventurous

The Scorpio Woman is drawn to adventure, knowledge, and intrigue. She is always interested in tapping new resources. Sexual and artistic experimentation, detective work, metaphysical investigation, healing workshops, competitive financial tangles, and complex mental puzzles attract her.

However, her curiosity is never merely bookish. She wants to live out her adventures and is willing to be a guinea pig. She is very curious (but never yellow). She adores unraveling intrigues and sniffing out the skeletons in peoples' closets. She is a natural detective who believes that things are seldom as they appear, and who is willing to put time and effort into finding out just what lies below the surface.

She is usually more interested in the heart of the matter than in its appearance. The submerged part of human life and behavior challenges her. As befits a female Sherlock Holmes, she has a knack for asking embarrassing questions. Sometimes one has the feeling that Lady Scorpio has made up her mind way ahead of the questioning and presumes to know all the correct answers herself. Her curiosity and her blunt, bull's-eye interrogations can turn to cruelty or arrogance.

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