Critical Efficient Has Character

Virgo is so busy teaching and carrying out the law that she is frequently intolerant of those unwilling to do likewise. She believes she is always right and would be hard put to remember the last time her criticisms missed the mark. She may be moralistic and preach a return to absolute simplicity; the Rousseauian natural order would have appealed to her.

She is disciplined and dislikes wasting anything. She therefore tends to be efficient, targeted, and task-oriented. She believes time is of the essence and may try to bend life to her philosophy. Free-flowing, unfocused, undisciplined people tend to make her uncomfortable. She needs to remember that they can teach her a lesson, act as a reminder of the necessity to relax her structures and loosen her strictures.

She is precise with words and can put a fine point on any argument. She is often good at, and enjoys, the precision and artwork of petit point. She may create her own needlepoint designs. She works with surgical precision, and if she is a doctor, she is in fact most often a surgeon.

The Virgo Woman must remember, or perhaps relearn, to love herself. No amount of accomplishment and good deeds can fill the hunger that plagues those who are not at peace with themselves. Virgo tends to learn a great deal in her life and to be an important member of society. She is most frequently an admirable person, a woman of quality. She has integrity and character. She must take care not to let her wish to conform bar her from standing out and shining as a glorious woman in love— with life and with herself.

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