The Cosmic Woman can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Her eye for the beauty and essence of things, her knowledge of proportion and scale, her sense of balance and harmony, all support a powerful creative urge. She is able to create an environment that symbolizes her inner feelings. With a few sparse furnishings and well-selected artworks, she is able to bring any surrounding to life.

The Cosmic Woman looks on life as a creative endeavor. She seeks to soar by her own efforts. She finds herself in a dynamic process in which life and death, joy and sorrow, growth and decay, form a mosaic of ever-changing patterns. She flows with all change and is strengthened and enhanced by the process. Ever in the river of life, she grows and blossoms, receiving her sustenance from the elements around her.

She does not fear death; she knows that it is an important ingredient of change. More important, she does not fear life. She lives courageously. She learns to adjust and alter her course in light of the knowledge she accumulates. She seeks to experience as much as she can absorb, knowing that each new thing offers her the challenge of living, loving, flowing.

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