Creative Often Gifted Selfpromoting

Promotion and sales work are naturals for Leo and usually interest her. Nobody can do a more reliable and showy job than the Leo lady who puts her mind to selling, publicity, or promotion.

The Leo Woman is her own greatest asset. She puts her stamp of unmistakable originality on any product or service she touches. If she designs a new hairdo, it will be bold, sweepingly different from last year's styles. If she is an artist, she will tend to use striking color combinations that demand attention. If a chef, she is bound to decorate her dishes with inventive flair. If a secretary, she will probably want to use colored paper from time to time and may furnish the office with glamorous accessories, right down to the paper cups.

Her creativity can be put to use everywhere. She can fire up her mothering, sex life, or career with it. She may plant friendships with her wit, teach, design stage sets, or excel at travel advice and scheduling. Her presence vibrates in her words, her looks, her furniture—anything she touches. It is a sad thing if Leo neutralizes herself in order to blend with the Smiths next door, for in denying her style, she is restricting her self-expression.

Leo, do not fear your Pandora's box of creative genius or limit its application by convention. Your role is to uplift with your own brand of inspiration.

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