Courteous Civilized

Though the Aquarius Woman can be a hellcat fighting for something she really believes in, she prefers treating people with courtesy and displaying a civilized demeanor. She is a woman of quality and likes to surround herself with more of the

same. She usually has a subtle air of refinement; it is as if she were free of some of the baser instincts that plague people, such as grasping or envy. Her ability to detach herself from the passionate pursuit of materialism, and her frequent unwillingness to tangle with the tentacles of emotionalism in relationships, confer an elusive gentility. No doubt about it—she is different. She does not want to be caught in the webs and traps of living.

Tense, Lonely, Talented

Though it is a difficult generalization to make, it is nevertheless true that the Aquarius Woman invariably has a unique talent. In many cases she is loaded with talent, i.e., precognitive gifts, organizational ability, and humaneness.

She resembles a flower that closes at dawn and opens at night. The desert cactus seeking the moon instead of the sun's rays provides an appropriate comparison. Nighttime is her time, and she often lays plans then. She is often a poor sleeper, for she has a finely tuned nervous system and is extremely aware of vibrations. She has a built-in radio receiver she cannot turn off, though her transmitter only operates on command.

She is apt to be unidirectional, totally absorbed in her current commitment. She asks for the "why" of every phenomenon; she is born with the urge to catalogue behavior, to find out what really makes people tick (and where the bodies are buried), to research social and political trends, and to set a few herself.

She tends to carry a personal yardstick and to measure life by her own code—and it rarely resembles the usual one. The controlled, insightful, and individualistic overseeing of projects and phenomena is one of her talents, and she exercises it repeatedly. She often has scientific talent.

Whether she is investigating rats, discovering antibodies, wiping tots' noses, or reading her favorite book, the Aquarius Woman is coiled like a small spring. Slightly inhibited, watchful, always nursing insight from observation, she is apt to think and work very hard. Duty is important to her, and her talent and conscience, harnessed to a cause, often make her an outstanding achiever. She seeks privacy from time to time, as if it were her safety valve.

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