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It is a fact terrible to contemplate, yet it is nevertheless true, and ought to be pressed upon the world fcrr its recognition; that fully one-half of all women seldom or never experience any pleasure whatever in the sexual act. Now this is an impeachment of nature, a disgrace to our civilization.

Victoria Claflin Woodhull "The Elixir of Life"

The Cosmic Woman is a soul who wears a body. She accepts her own sexuality as a fact of life, one of the most natural and fundamental parts of her life. Having awakened from her spiritual amnesia, she is no longer bound to the physical. She is comfortable with sex.

She knows that sexual relations between unaware and unactualized people are never fully satisfying, for no matter how joyful and temporarily fulfilling, they are but a mere shadow of what can be found within. She has found union within herself; she is much more aware of the potentials of human relationships and of the role that sex can play in her life.

The Cosmic Woman does not have to do the Mr. Goodbar routine, for she has already found what she is looking for. Having recognized her own unity, she does not have to be frantic in her search. She can be more leisurely in locating someone with whom she can have meaningful relationships and meaningful sex.

She seeks to find other multidimensional people with whom she shares a sense of unity. She does not have to play all the one-dimensional games of cat and mouse for them. Most people exist only on the physical plane, and their lives are oriented to that realm alone. Getting and keeping power and prestige, seeking gratification and trying to process it, feeding the ego constantly—all characterize the one-dimensional person. The Cosmic Woman seeks a more evolved type.

She knows only too well the dangers of trying to find her masculine self in the world of man. She finds very few men who have developed their feminine natures and are open to the world of the psyche and of love. She has had to acquire a number of masculine traits so as not to be inundated in a world of men. She now seeks men who have also become aware of their multidimensional nature, who do not worship the feminine but have embraced it and know it in their own lives.

The Cosmic Woman is in touch with herself. She does not assume roles because she does not need to be other than she really is. It may be that she doesn't want to have 2.3 children. She may feel that her fate calls for her to be single and very mobile. She demands the same kind of rigorous honesty in her sex life. If it is not an expression of her inner self, she does not need it.

The sex life of the Cosmic Woman often has a karmic connection. She is attracted to men with whom she has an instant rapport; often it is as if she has known them before. It is through such contacts and the intricacies of sex that she comes to a belief in her previous lifetimes. She can see the patterns repeating themselves. The men in her life all have similar characteristics. The situations in which she became involved with them were often the same. It seemed that she was trying to work out relationships that had not been completed in a previous existence.

The Cosmic Woman has learned the lessons of her Taurus phase well and loves without being possessive. She allows her mate total freedom, expecting no more than the other can give. She is able to accept positive experiences and allow negative ones to flow right on past.

The Cosmic Woman has sought and found a wider context for the expression of her sexual energy. She has shifted to a new consciousness, holistic and integrated with the universe. With this new orientation comes a shift from a purely egocentric attitude to a more universal and connected position. She does not look at relationships and sexual liaisons solely in the light of her own needs and desires; instead she sees each action as contributing to the creation of the whole—the whole self and the whole universe.

After such a change in attitude, sex is no longer a battleground where one body seeks to control another. Sex is no longer useful for manipulation or power or supremacy. Sex becomes merely an adjunct to living. The Cosmic Woman attends to her sexual needs with as much thought as she attends to her need for pure food and pure air.

There are two key words for a better understanding of Cosmic sexuality. One is natural. The Cosmic Woman regards sex as one of the natural things in the physical world. Here she looks for quality. She seeks energies in a mate that are as natural as hers and as open to the universe. She has lost all the meticulousness and prudishness of her Virgo phase and accepts sex as one of nature's joys. She uses her physical energy judiciously; she does not believe in wasting natural resources.

The other key word is guiltless. She has escaped the guilt that is associated with sex and that traps many of her sisters. She also does not lay guilt trips on those she has sex with. Although she is very aware of the subtle energies that flow through her, she does not relegate sex to her inner life, but relates it to the physical plane. She feels no guilt for such a natural and satisfying act.

The Cosmic Woman experiences sex on a number of levels. It makes her feel good physically. She is satisfied by the closeness and the release of physical energy. She enjoys the touching and holding and caring. The close mental and physical bond also brings her happiness. She trusts in her beloved. She entrusts her most sacred temple, her body, to her mate and realizes that a close and mutual understanding is taking place. Her mind soars, and the mental images spring to life. She is confident when in the arms of her lover. She is able to express her whole being when she shares sex with a whole man.

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