Cosmic Relationships

Personal relationships occupy a central place in the life of the Cosmic Woman. They provide living textbooks for the study of human nature, and a walking laboratory that reflects the various phases she will undergo in her own life. She observes carefully and uses her observations to teach others about relationships. She does not feel completely fulfilled if she is unable to participate in multiple relationships. She has too much to learn for exclusivity. Many are attracted to her for help. She has a deep concern for the evolution of woman and man and works hard to be a catalyst for human advancement.

She instinctively knows that everything in life has a purpose, and she recognizes the importance of searching for the hidden meaning in her relationships. Her relationships are as wide and varied as are people themselves. Each encounter provides her with important clues to her own purpose. Each person comes into her life for a reason. Every action gives her a mirror to help her see her own actions. Even chance encounters may hold a key to her future development.

The Cosmic Woman projects instant love and acceptance, for she truly loves herself. Reactions to her are either very positive or very negative. Those who seek to be loved and to experience all that life has to offer will feel the warmth and glow of her love and rush to be encompassed by her caring. Those who pity themselves and seek to complicate their lives will find it difficult to be around her.

The Cosmic Woman is successful with relationships. She knows people so well that she can predict their reactions to her and to the beliefs she espouses. Even when her relationships don't work out constructively, she still learns from them. Her ability to see herself interact with others provides another key to her successful relationships. Having traveled the circle of the horoscope, she recognizes the archetypes and more often than not knows how each will react to a situation or to another type.

Freedom is a word that aptly describes a relationship with the Cosmic Woman. "Free to Be You and Me," as sung by Mario Thomas, could be her motto. She knows that a nonpossessive relationship will grow and blossom—but a captured butterfly quickly dies.

The Cosmic Woman knows when to release a relationship. When the lessons are learned and the tasks accomplished, she lets go. Nothing lasts forever, and so it is with love. She accepts that all things are influenced by cycles. When the cycle is over, she does not try to hang on. She realizes that destruction comes from forcing things and going against the cycle. She is not bound by traditional ideas about relationships but instead goes by her own internal clock.

The Cosmic Woman surrounds herself with people who are in the process of change and growth. She has litde time for those stuck in a rut. Her magnetism is such that she draws loving and caring people to her. She does not shy away from the responsibility of loving them. She thrives on adversity, for to her it is a challenge.

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