Cosmic Lifestyles

Traditional lifestyles appeal to the Cosmic Woman, as do alternatives to what we have long considered acceptable and "normal." She lives an actualized life, and if that means living communally, in an open marriage, in a group marriage, or even alone, she is capable of it. She knows how to flow with energies, and she knows also that those energies may not be found in traditional communities. She embraces them where she finds them, and when she has learned about them, she can move on to where the next energies beckon.

The concept of impossibility isn't one that she can embrace now. Impossibility often becomes possibility, given attention, love, work, and positive energies. She has the power to embrace negatives and glean from them the positive energies that she knows they must contain.

Her cyclic nature tells her that there is a learning experience to embrace each day. She may discover in a ménage à trois arrangement the key to unlocking constrictions. She may learn how to inspire commune members to deeply and honestly share all their experiences, thus making the communal setting the perfect vehicle so many seek. She knows the value of challenge and the rewards of meeting challenge. Reward is a key word for the Cosmic Woman; she knows that for each experience, for each challenge met, for each human embraced, a reward exists.

The often senseless chaos that exists in alternate lifestyles can become order and direction under her guiding hand. She has a seemingly uncanny ability to see through all the confusion and power struggles and to instinctively know what each person enmeshed in them is looking for, needs, reaches out for. With her cohesiveness she can help those around her actualize all the dreams they embrace. They must first be aware of their dreams, open to tailoring them to situational reality; then they need an honest approach to achieving them. Without those key ingredients, the Cosmic Woman cannot wave her "magic wand" in their direction.

The Cosmic Woman's intuition and her awareness of its value precludes her from being fooled by illusions that often attract less aware people to alternative , She knows what she can expect to gain from exploring uncharted territories1^!V realizes the folly of Utopian dreams. Her dreams are founded on concrete and indicators. She knows communes are difficult to give birth to, that they can dk'^" grate due to egotism, laziness, power struggles. She approaches concepts with beliefs and reasonable expectations. If!

She holds no illusions of being the savior of the masses. She knows only too i that accepting responsibility for the lives of others is not within the realm of positiJ human relations. She is a source of guidance, of inspiration. She delights in heli" others discover inner peace, self-realization, and self-actualization. She has done it {, herself; she knows others must do likewise.

One would think that upon arriving at such a fine, positive plateau, the Cosmi< Woman would hunger for others to do the same, to find within themselves the an swers to so many questions. She does indeed, but she is a patient woman, someone who knows that change is imminent but that it takes time. Just as she rejects the forced opinions and attitudes of others, she rejects being forceful in matters she knows can only be absorbed gradually. Though she seldom feels there are enough hours per day, days per week, weeks per month, months per year, for her to experience all she knows is awaiting her, she is not given to rushing things. Lessons are learned at different stages by different people, and until they are ready to acknowledge changes and flow with them, all the force in the cosmos isn't going to make things happen any more quickly.

She is capable of prodding and gently pushing people when she sees their potential thinly veiled by fear or clouded by the haze of uncertainty. She becomes impatient and even a tad intolerant when she sees natural resources, be they human or earthly, wasted and frivolously abused.

The Cosmic Woman has achieved a special kind of liberation—comfortable liberation. She will not try to embrace or understand something that causes extreme discomfort or that she intuitively knows is more fantasy than reality. She prefers one-on-one, intimate, sexual, emotional relationships with her life's partner, her mate, her husband. The reality of finding that one special person who satisfies her needs has come to her, and although she is capable of expanding her experiences to include sexual relations with others, her primary, overall, and most important relationship is more often than not with her one special person.

If the Cosmic Woman chooses a lifestyle that includes a mate and children, her family will be the envy of the entire community. She can bake cookies for her kids in the morning to make sure they have something to take to their clubhouse, shop for a special cut of meat for the evening meal in the early afternoon—and she will no doubt luxuriate in a scented and stimulating bath before her mate arrives home.

She has the inherent knowledge of total care for those she loves and embraces. She nurtures, soothes, inspires, and chastises; you won't hear the refrain of "Wait Until Your Father Gets Home" from her house. She is capable of providing both traditional mothering and fathering to her children, and she shares parental responsibilities with her mate realistically and constructively.

Bisexuality and homosexuality are certainly within the realm of the Cosmic Woman's experiences. She is likely to be involved at some point in her life with another woman in a sexually intimate relationship. Although homosexuality implies exclusive sexual orientation and emotional preference for someone of the same sex, the Cosmic Woman's androgyny provides a new scope for same-sex relationships. She has arrived at a perfect balance between her female and male sides. If she decides to spend her life with another woman, you can be sure that person will also have struck a distinct chord of harmony with her entire self.

The Cosmic Woman's keen sense of androgyny also precludes her from becoming entrapped in relationships and lifestyles that seek to inhibit her native awareness of women. For much of this century, women have been relegated to positions that involved only enhancing the Leo image, the life and spirituality of the male in our society. The Cosmic Woman will not be part and parcel of this blatant misuse of the resources of humanity; she will be in the forefront of the movement to effect attitu-dinal changes.

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