Cosmic Anger

When you are angry, do not be centered on the person who has aroused the anger. Let him be in the periphery. You just become angrier. Feel anger in its totality; allow it to happen within. Do not rationalize; do not say, "This man has created it." Do not condemn the man. He has just become the situation. And feel grateful toward him that he has helped something which was hidden to become open. He has hit somewhere, and a wound was there hidden. Now you know it so become the wound.

The anger will dissolve.

Shagwar Shree Rajnesh Tantra Spirituality and Sex

The Cosmic Woman has a special appreciation for the richness and depth of her emotional being. She experiences anger, love, joy, dismay, impatience. She recognizes the various energies that flow around and through her; she does not block their flow but welcomes them as signals or feedback about her reactions to events around her. She never uses her feelings to deliberately strike at another; instead she uses them to create positive change.

Some of the things that can make the Cosmic Woman angry are injustices, infringements of others' rights, senseless physical violence, and slow-moving or unrealized potential.

She does not engage in useless competition, and she never role-plays. She is direct, honest, and nonjudgmental. In the past, she has experienced the frustration of denying her anger and also the debilitation of doing what was demanded of "good litde girls." She can now transcend the circumstances that cause her anger. An unhappy childhood, failure in school, or an inattentive spouse is now seen as a challenge to overcome instead of a trigger to self-anger and frustration. She has developed the strength, sensitivity, and courage to handle her emotions in anger-producing situations. She has found the courage that is essential in self-confrontation and also in stepping out of and beyond old behavior patterns. She is no longer the victim of her own emotions.

The Cosmic Woman has learned that anger, like many other emotions, is a tool that can be used to change situations with skill and without blame or hurt. She no longer automatically assumes responsibility for failures in her life; she evaluates her role in both failure and success, and modifies her actions to be more effective in the future.

Throughout her period of growth, the Cosmic Woman has become aware of the unique significance anger plays in a healthy woman's life. She has learned the secret of true balance. Just as an increase in temperature on the body's surface often indicates a physical imbalance, so the feeling of anger signals that something is amiss in the emotional system. When this occurs, the Cosmic Woman evaluates her expectations and her role in the anger-producing situation. She identifies the belief system that provoked it and makes sure that her own response is accurate. She is thus able to deal with it constructively, effectively, and without unnecessary pain or discomfort.

Some of the things the Cosmic Woman has had to confront and overcome during her past struggles are the position of women in our society (a basically Cancerian role) and the Leo-type role men have assumed; the unhealthy and nonproductive competitiveness between women in the areas of glamour, academics, sports, childcare, and material acquisition; and worst of all, the self-destructive "I'm not as good as a man" attitude. Too often this produces an aggressive attitude as an overcompensation for the feminine side of her nature. It has created an unrealistic set of goals and a low level of self-confidence. The Cosmic Woman has transcended the pettiness of life and has learned to look for significance, honesty, and love in all her endeavors.

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