Coping with Repression

The Virgo Woman needs to be as acutely aware of her value system as she is of many of her (and other people's) faults. What makes her believe, for example, that exercise and psychotherapy are beneficial while homosexuality and frozen foods are harmful? Until she comes into her own, she may well base her judgments on adolescent thinking.

What made Agnes accept her husband's decisions, and what made her resist her own feelings so completely that she was driven to drown them in drink? It was her belief that it was unacceptable to defy her husband, that to be a career woman under the circumstances would mean being a bad wife and mother, ergo, an inadequate woman—all values she learned as a child.

Virgo, you must learn to evaluate the validity of your concepts of right and wrong, moral and immoral, in your life as it is now. I suggest the following exercise to help you become aware of why you feel as you do. It is a self-evaluative list of questions. A word of advice: be honest with yourself, and expect to change your answers from time to time!

1. What are my five top priorities in life? Why?

2. Have I done what is most important to me? If not, why not?

3. Do I enjoy life? What do I love about it, and what do I dislike about it?

4. Do I enjoy my sex life? If yes, in what way? If no, how and why not? Do I want to change it?

5. What do I really feel about my relationship with my husband or lover? How important is it to me? What do I like, and what don't I like about it?

6. In what ways does my behavior with my husband or lover resemble my mother's with my father? What parts of my behavior do I like, and what parts do I dislike? How would I want to change it? Can I expect cooperation?

7. Who is my best friend? What do I see in this person? What do I give, and what do I get? Am I satisfied with this friendship? If not, what is missing?

8. How often do I relax? Is it often enough? Do I need to change my lifestyle? How?

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