Coping with Insecurity The Cancer Woman in Love

The Cancer Woman falls in love as she does everything else: slowly and cautiously. Impulsive action makes her uncomfortable, and she considers falling in love a serious commitment.

Cancer wants from her man material security first, exclusivity second, and social status third. She is unlikely to fall in love with a man who does not offer at least two of these. The only thing that can propel her into an uncharacteristic rash choice is the occasionally unbeatable urge to leave home. Once she has made up her mind to fall in love, she takes any dilemma by the horns and prepares to resolve it. She is bound to throw all her weight into one relationship, to try to make mutual dreams come true.

The Cancer Woman in love is a peerless partner for the man who wants to be babied, pampered, catered to, taken care of, slowly seduced; if he wants security, solid roots, traditional domesticity, and passionate sensuality that is more reactive than generative, he will find it with her.

The Cancer Woman is a superb player of romantic chess. She seems to know exactly how to make her man fall desperately in love with her. She is imaginative, perceptive, and persistent, a combination which most often makes her Number One in the competition for man. She understands strategy in the psychic warfare between the sexes without ever having consciously learned the rules. And she knows how to draw the lines in her favor.

In love, she is delightfully yielding, accommodating, and often quite domestic. She can manage both outside work and home, and nothing can stop her from creating the perfect domestic ambience. She is more than likely a good cook and fine hostess, and she will always cater to her man's tastes and desires.

Cancer in love is also exceptionally magnetic. She draws men to her as surely as the queen bee attracts devoted workers. She manages to be just helpless enough to inspire a man to take care of her, yet she is sensitive and self-reliant enough to put a great deal of effort into serving him. Submissiveness becomes her, for she yields with a sparkle and a wise look in her eyes.

The storybook in her head has extra appeal when she is in love, so that despite her caution and materialism, she is often starry-eyed and blind to potential problems. The Cancer Woman in love blooms with the sensuality of a fragrant rose, the delicacy of lily of the valley, and the exoticism of a hothouse orchid. At the same time, she is tougher than she seems.

In love, she considers no one and nothing more important than her lover. She is convinced she has the world by the tail, and it would take an earthquake or repeated infidelity to make her change her mind. She is bound to combine the erotic imagination of Anai's Nin with the earthy sexuality of Lily Marlene. Love helps her to overcome some of her shy pragmatism. It makes her relax her guard and teaches her self-disclosure. The man who hurts her at such a moment will never regain her trust.

The Cancer Woman in love stands on the verge of a momentous decision, for to her love almost always means marriage. If love leads her to the altar, she must be careful that she continues to grow sexually. Too often, the Cancer Woman marries, becomes a domestic expert and mother figure, and takes the road to overweight and asexuality.

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