Cool Team Worker

Behind the exterior of the extremely feminine Libra Woman lurks the brain of a calculator. She bears comparison with Napoleon's mistress, who used her brains and body to help change the course of history. The Libra Woman knows how to use all she is, plus what she learns, to achieve her aims.

She is usually effective in business, prefers traditional methods of getting ahead, and is a good team player. Unlike her sister Aries, her opposite sign in the Zodiac, she is not one to blaze new trails or forge ahead by herself. She takes risks carefully and tends to consult her colleagues on every decision. She is excellent at strategy, understands power hierarchies, and instinctively works well with people. Her coworkers like her.

She dislikes disorder and illogic. She is precise and selectively organized. She can live in a sloppy apartment, for example, but it would be most unusual for her to allow her looks or her work to become disorderly. She can keep cool under pressure. If you observe a woman with a lovely but tense smile who manages egos and schedules that would confuse a First Lady, you are looking at Libra.

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