Conformist Glamorizes the Past and Tradition

The Capricorn Woman respects nothing so much as the past. She sees it as full of grandeur, invariably more glorious than the decadent present and the precarious future.

She is usually in love with durability, permanence, safety, and roots. In her desire to make everything in life conform to her views, she may surround herself as much as she can with objects that have an aura of permanence. She prefers antiques; she wants solid furniture. Brand names are important; she wants only the best, for it gives lasting value and status.

She is highly appreciative of family values and is usually more knowledgeable about the family tree than are her parents. She may try to inculcate old-fashioned manners and morals in her baby brothers and sisters. She has been known to get heavy-handed and to invoke her right of seniority, in which she firmly believes.

As a little girl, she frequendy helps old ladies across the street, nurses sick or old animals, and is never too tired to read. She has the unfortunate habit of reading by dim light, as if to conjure up a past in which there was as yet no electricity. She glamorizes faraway places, success stories, and older people. To her, the secret of life lies in keeping traditions and reaching an old age. In many ways, she resembles her opposite, the Cancer Woman, also nostalgic, materialistic, traditional.

She would like to have guaranteed permanent relationships. However, she may have such rigid, outmoded definitions of good and bad that almost every relationship will sooner or later suffer from her moral ideals and judgments.

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