Concerned Caring

The Cosmic Woman's concerns are as broad as the cosmos itself, but her primary concerns are with people. In the broadest sense, and in particular cases, she expresses her concern to the people she encounters in her daily life. She is a natural teacher who by word and example helps others overcome the same obstacles she has met in her journey to liberation. Her good common sense makes her a counselor without equal.

Her concerns transcend the mundane. She is vitally interested in any institution, condition, or law that affects the lives of people. She may be found on the boards of universities, helping organize a citizens' committee on the environment, lobbying for better welfare legislation, or forming a society to study the future of mankind. Whatever the activity, she can be distinguished from others by the absence of self-interest; neither her ego nor her vested interests are served by what she does. She cares only about the job at hand and about its impact on the group.

In her personal life, she also gives expression to her concern, often in direct and simple acts that help her acquaintances. If someone needs a ride to the doctor, if there has been a death in the family or a friend needs a shoulder to cry on, the Cosmic Woman is there. She uses her time to the greatest advantage but does not let others take advantage of her. Should people start to impose on her good nature, she reminds them that her help can only go so far and that they must take responsibility for their own lives.

The Cosmic Woman truly cares. Starting with herself, she cares for her body as if it were a temple. She eats the proper foods; she bathes and brushes and trims. She dresses well and projects the glowing radiance of someone who loves herself. She extends this caring to everything around her: her family, her garden, her work. She hopes they will all turn out right and tends to them with a devotion that nurtures and assures that they will.

Almost everybody has a will to survive; this is the source of life. The good life of the Cosmic Woman, however, comes from what she cares about. She seeks to do something about situations. She directs her will with love and decides to take positive action.

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