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The hidden priority of the Libra Woman is to please others. This is usually far more important to her than, say, being the one to choose a particular film. However, in major decisions such as whether or not to have a baby or change her job, she must learn how to assert herself. It is also important that she be able to judge and differentiate between major and minor decisions.

The Libra Woman is usually raised to be a good girl. Her indecisiveness and delays may be the result of her wish not to offend, to abide by social regulations. She rarely says no, seemingly out of a desire not to hurt people, but her fear often covers the fear of being rejected herself. It is as if some Aries traits need to rub off on her to enable her to be more directly assertive (by the same token, it might be good for Aries to incorporate some Libra traits in order to be more diplomatic).

Sometimes Libra uses her indecisiveness as an evasion of responsibility. In this case, the adaptability that should ordinarily promote sharing becomes a source of annoyance to others and a potential sore spot in communications.

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