Compassionate Humanistic Nurturing

The healthiest drive of the Pisces Woman is to nurture. She does this instinctively. She sends you birthday cards long after you've turned forty; she calls if you are sick, even though you did not tell her (she sensed something was wrong and checked).

She nurtures her children overprotectively, supports her husband (whether he is the first, second, or third) wholeheartedly, and never forgets a needy neighbor or friend. The Piscean is nutrition-conscious; she is not physically robust naturally, but she works at it and in addition is concerned with raising healthy children.

Any Pisces mother knows that it is not the Band-Aid she puts on her child's scraped knee that stops the pain of injury. What initiates the healing is the feeling of caring she transmits to the child. She is an excellent homemaker who leaves no small detail of childcare or housekeeping untended. However, she can be swamped by minutiae and by her need to be perfect.


We all grow up looking for our fantasies to come true, expecting an ideal mate to arrive. We expect to have a primary relationship and share a lifetime of bliss with one partner. We think our relationships will protect us from the complex demands of self and the outside world. Though this is only fantasy, the devoted Pisces Woman comes close to success in cushioning intimates against stress. She protects them and helps them realize their dreams.

She makes a marvelous lover or mate as long as she feels loved and protected, but problems arise from the fact that she does not love herself enough. She may not, at first, attract men who support her. This situation can change, but it takes self-knowledge, self-esteem, time for change to occur.

The Pisces Woman who overcomes her tendency to brood, cling, and put all her eggs in one basket has excellent love potential. She knows how to turn people on to themselves. She is liked and loved widely, for people are attracted by her ability to help them love themselves. She also likes to please. She would walk on water if her partner asked her to, and she seems to float on the wings of romance.

The Pisces Woman needs a lot of love and protection but seldom seems to get it. She continuously creates stress-free environments for others, but she herself is drained, not enriched, by these efforts. She has not learned how to receive.

Pisces is a puzzle of independence and capability hidden under intense vulnerability. She is a woman of complex needs, needs magnified by her moodiness and fears of rejection. Contradiction is a cornerstone of her personality, and contradiction characterizes her style in relationships.

She catches friends and lovers by letting them pursue and catch her. She yearns to be captured and possessed, yet her spirit does not allow this. She needs friends who push and yet protect her. Impossible to predict or understand, she is Sarah Bernhardt reincarnated.

Muse, Mother, Whore, and Madonna are female archetypes conceived by men. She is all at different times, and at times she is all simultaneously. She is seductive and knows how to get the man she wants. However, Pisces in her thirties and forties is highly crisis-prone. That's when she realizes that she has fulfilled roles passed on to her by her mother and her culture, that she has played out her man's fantasies but barely knows her own needs, fantasies, and preferred roles.

Finding Your Confidence

Finding Your Confidence

Confidence is necessary to achieve success in life. Some effective confidence tips must be followed if you genuinely want to gain accomplishment in your work. So how do you build your confidence that will work for you in any situation? Initially, make an effort to spend time with confident people. Their vigor and strength is so stirring that you will surely feel yourself more powerful just by listening to their talk. To build confidence it is vital that you are in the midst of self-assuring people.

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