The Cosmic Woman has learned to be a master communicator. She is able to dispel any feeling of alienation when she recognizes one of her own kind. With words, gestures, or a soft touch, she instills a quality of openness, warmth, and intelligence that assures she has made real contact. Even if she should encounter an unyielding and antagonistic energy, she is able to see that person in proper perspective, without predetermined judgment, and to adjust her energy to give a suitable response.

She recognizes the important connection between love and communication. She sees that much of what is done in the name of lovemaking is so obsessive, self-indulgent, and aggressive that it amounts to litde more than masturbation. Without a sense of sharing or encounter, sex becomes sex for its own sake, with no communication, no responsibility, no caring, and no love. This neurotic release of pent-up sexual energy leads nowhere in particular and leaves the participants with an empty, unfulfilled feeling.

The Cosmic Woman believes in complete honesty in communication. To one who deals in poses and stances, this is impossible. To the Cosmic Woman, it is a necessity; otherwise she wastes her valuable time and energy. In fact, one of the Cosmic Woman's greatest joys is the feeling that she has really communicated with another soul. There is a joie de vivre about her that is hard to miss. She enjoys living; there are not enough hours in the day or enough days in the week to accommodate her many interests and projects. Human contact is essential for her. Her joy is infectious.

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