Clever Witty Charming

A Gemini Woman lives by her wits. Though the situation may look impossible, she will discover a clever, workable solution. She constantly hones her intellectual abilities and is ready to turn any twist of fate to her advantage.

Her ready wit has saved many a dull dinner party. Her insights are keen and to the point; she has a way with words. She can see humor in places where many are too insensitive to notice. The spice of her wit creates its own welcome. She is just as much at home in a tavern as she is in the banquet hall of Windsor Castle. Pity the prince or drunkard who tries to match wits with her. She never loses.

As verbally caustic as she can sometimes be, she seldom offends. Her secret is the charm with which she delivers a rather unvarnished truth, the clever package she puts it in. I have seen Gemini tell a man that he is a complete pig and have him laugh and agree that he probably is. She can be so direct, so forceful, and so sweet that the combination is irresistible.

She can turn this combination of traits into a fantastic bonus in any situation where great diplomacy is required. She works well in the diplomatic corps if she has learned to control her natural urge to reveal everything she knows and can temper her hair-trigger responses. She would do much better if she thought before speaking rather than vice versa.

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