One reason for Leo's popularity is that she never completely outgrows the charming child inside. She may still believe in imaginary playmates, in a spirit world. She is the lady who nods her head with a smile as her child recounts his adventures with a talking frog. Partly because Leo finds the world of symbols fascinating, she is frequently carefree with money. Money to her is bound to be a mere symbol used to express her fancy.

The Leo Woman can be utterly charming, for she is childishly exuberant, impulsively generous, and naively trusting. She is still a child in her belief in spirits, cosmic overseers, and the importance of play and fun. She is the unusual adult who can play-on the floor with children and feel right at home. She may dismiss stiff protocol anywhere; at parties she may take off her shoes or wade barefoot in the evening grass. Her child nature can also serve as catalyst for risks she must take as an adult. Leo's ability to capture and keep some of the spirit of childhood is one of her healthiest and nicest traits.

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