Gemini children are usually very bright and quick to learn. They are like magicians—now you see them, now you don't. They are also known explorers. I once had a Gemini woman tell me how frustrated her mother had been with her as a child. She would throw tantrums and scream at the top of her lungs until her mother released her from the prison of the playpen. When the child could wander and roam about the house, she was in her true domain. It was boredom, even at such an early age, that motivated this Gemini woman to experience life as it came at her.

Gemini girls develop mobility skills earlier than most because without them they cannot explore and search. When such activities meet with maternal disapproval, battles rage. Mothers often assume that children fear the unknown, and when Gemini girls are willing to confront anything, their bravery often baffles their mothers.

Gemini girls often have many friends who come and go. For variety, they will have an equal number of male and female playmates. It isn't necessarily that they have "boyfriends" earlier than other girls; generally they begin romantic relationships at about the same time. Theirs, however, often have a depth and intensity that others' lack. Little-girl crushes are a waste of time for the Gemini girl. She learns how to court and beguile little boys early; it seems she is in training for the "real thing."

The best parents for a Gemini girl are those who trust her and let her freely explore. Freedom is often the key to her heart, and her behavior will be exemplary if the reward is some new form of freedom. She will pull away from parents who attempt to get too close, just as she later pulls away from men and other intimates for the same reason.

Although she often shies away from being "Daddy's little girl," she does develop the idealizing or idolizing nature that colors her later years. She tends to be closer to her father than to her mother. This is especially so if her father has a glamorous, exciting career and her mother stays close to the home fires.

She'll be the first in her group of friends to suggest playing doctor or some other "intimate" childhood game. She'll also probably be the first to exclaim, "Is that all there is?" Her "what I want to be when I grow up" fantasies will include doctor, lawyer, scientist, ballet dancer, socialite with great connections, and even politician if she's exposed to that possibility early enough. She doesn't mind playing house with her friends as long as her "husband" is in the Foreign Service and the setting is an island somewhere in the Mediterranean.

Her follow-up failures begin early in childhood too. Ask a Gemini girl to clean up her room, and it's like asking her to unbuild the Great Wall of China. Procrastination and a short attention span are qualities she is usually born with. She'll start by going into the room, but her mood will entirely dictate her progress. If she can find something to interest her or something to fantasize about amidst the rubble, you can forget the cleaning. On the other hand, you may find her washing her father's favorite pipe in the dishwasher because she thinks it's exciting to do something she isn't supposed to be old enough to do.

Gemini girls are graceful, due in large part to their ambidextrous nature. They excel at dancing and gymnastics; this gives them an opportunity to learn something and master feats that other children often have trouble with.

To successfully raise a Gemini girl, parents must be first aware of her innate charm. Lying is not beyond her, and she can be frighteningly believable. Her knack for embellishing the events surrounding a social function she attends and for making herself appear more attractive is something she carries with her most of her life.

She'll have plenty of boyfriends as she grows up and will be going steady with one (if not two or three) each week. She'll probably go to extremes in sexual experimentation too. She'll either say yes to all of them or withhold her sexual secrets until marriage. If she finds a boy or young man who offers her a glimpse of her other half, her elusive soulmate, she'll probably fall for him head over heels. She'll also discard him just as quickly when she discovers he isn't the "right one."

To make her adult life perhaps a little more stable, parents should take care to instill a sense of situational reality in the Gemini girl. She must learn at some point in her life that her other half can only emerge from within her. She must also learn that people aren't nearly as boring as they seem to her; she need only stop and listen to them to find that they are of much denser fabric than she imagines. You really can't tie her down, pen her up, lock her in; you can, however, give her a home base from which she can launch her many exciting trips and to which she can return for rejuvenation. That home base is often her own self-assurance, self-respect, and self-esteem, when they are all developed to their full potential.

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