The most striking characteristics of the Sagittarius child are her high energy level and her intense curiosity. Few children ask "Why?" more times in a day! She can't bear to keep still, and her weary parents learn early that sports and vigorous outdoor play will insure less aggravation and fewer accidents. If hardier parents set her to piano lessons, they are in for a surprise. Magically, music will keep her in her seat— if nobody whisdes outside with a catcher's mitt!

She spends a good deal more time with boys than with girls and may be the only girl allowed on the neighborhood ball team. Her closest friend, however, is apt to be her dog. The Sagittarius Woman loves animals. Their nondemanding, unemotional companionship is precisely what she wants and has to offer those around her. Especially when she is growing up, her pet will be the perfect confidant through all the confusing demands and conflicting expectations of her family and the society in which she lives.

Her culture-loving parents may despair in those early years, for her interest will often seem hopelessly superficial. Her intellectual curiosity develops slowly, and in her childhood it is somewhat that of a daredevil. Fearless in sports, casual, and carefree, she will extend her interest in math only as far as placing quarter bets on the Kentucky Derby. She rails against discipline, and if held in check too tightly, she will begin to physically cramp—with symptoms ranging from charley horses to vomiting! She is indeed a handful, but what many parents fail to recognize is how trustworthy and careful she is. She never lies, cheats, or does anything else she shouldn't—as long as she is given her freedom. Given her own set of keys and a code of behavior, she will honor her parents' trust and do them proud into the bargain.

In the traditional family structure, the Sagittarius girl is likely to identify with her father, though she may favor her mother, who is more apt to "understand" and plead her case regarding rules and regulations. Her mother may better know how utterly honorable this "wild" girl is, and she will defend her daughter staunchly in the face of all criticism. Her father may secretly rejoice that he has a kind of "son" to fish and play ball with; conversely, he may miss the subtle romance of having "Daddy's little girl." How the Sagittarius girl fares, and with which of her parents she most strongly identifies, will depend on their own notion of roles and freedom.

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