The Pisces Woman is frequently raised by a dominant mother who subtly or overtly denied herself pleasure in relationships. Absorbing this, the daughter too feels guilty. She is closely tied to matriarchal values. Being intuitive and receptive, she soaks up "vibes" and subliminal messages.

Among the harshest internal taboos she must deal with and release is her fear of men. It takes time for Pisces to recognize this fear. Releasing confusion and guilt, deciding what type of relationship she wants, and then totally recognizing her needs— these do not come easily to her.

The Pisces Woman is Everyperson, for she constantly goes through different phases, and her needs change accordingly. She grows up believing her mother is pure and perfect. Later in life she has enormous trouble allowing herself freedom of erotic fantasy and impulse, for these conflict with her internalized idealized version of her mother. The Mother appears untouchable, so the daughter finds it difficult to participate in deep sexual intimacy.

Adult love relationships consist, at least at the start, of a replay of the old pattern of dependency-anger-rejection the child enacts with the mother. The symbiotic tie formed with the mother (or mother substitute) thus forms the basis of all other intimate relationships. How one breaks that tie is a gauge of psycho-emotional maturity.

As she approaches adulthood, the Pisces Woman has little or no self-awareness and self-assurance. She is fickle, for she is unsure of herself. What she thinks she wants to do commonly turns out to be what her mother wanted her to do.

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