A depressingly large number of Scorpio types grow up in a climate of emotional or physical hardship. It is as if they chose an early Golgotha of obstacles. The attempt to turn such experiences into growth, to build on life crises, to overcome distrust and fear of further hurt, is a part of Scorpio's love life.

Over the years, I have seen almost everyone I know, live with, or work with experience a Scorpio phase that brings a total life change. Evidence shows that people with heavy Scorpio influences in their natal chart had childhoods with one or more of the following: divorce of the parents; early death of a close friend or relative, usually in strange or tragic circumstances; alcoholism in the family; or extremely psychic people around them.

Nothing comes easily to the Scorpio Woman, and even as a child, she has an extreme relationship to at least one important adult. Usually, she grows up feeling strongly polarized about her mother. She either idolizes or hates her.

Susan illustrates the first case. A handsome, dark woman in her late twenties, she was the oldest in a family with five children. In school, she was a straight-A student, a cheerleader. She was a virgin until she married at twenty, and she remained Mom-mie's good little girl until her divorce at twenty-nine. Susan had this to say:

I never knew I could live a life different from my mother's and from what I imagined she wanted from me. I really became my mother all over again—a super-mom, super-wife, and super-daughter, all in one. I ran myself ragged, but eventually my husband tired of my compulsive needs for approval. He said he felt like he was married to an immature robot.

When Susan was twenty-eight, Tom left her and her mother died suddenly, two events that represented a strong Scorpio phase in her life. Suddenly she was faced with having to build a completely new life on her own.

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Finding Your Confidence

Finding Your Confidence

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