The Cosmic Child may spend a great deal of time with her elders. She may make friends with older people, often to the exclusion of children her own age. She wants to absorb as much of their knowledge as possible. She will ask them to teach her how to do the things she is observing. She is filled with a thousand questions that are worthy of an adult. She may have her parents shaking their heads and wishing that she would spend more time with dolls and blocks.

The Cosmic Child may spend a great deal of time by herself, causing her parents to worry. It puzzles them that she does not participate in activities the way other children do. However, she simply needs to have her own space. She can become extremely quiet if forced to do things she does not wish to do. Her reactions are very often those of an adult. She is interested in her roots, where she came from, and where she is going.

The best parents for a Cosmic Child are those who respect her individuality. She thinks of herself as a grown-up. Childhood is often a bothersome, awkward period for her. In her mind she harbors ideas and visions that most young women never touch upon. She needs a lot of space and understanding in which to grow. If given the respect and love she feels she rightly deserves, she is a model of decorum. If not, she can become rebellious, irritable, withdrawn. The Cosmic Child is a challenge, but worth every minute of it.

She has no clear-cut idea of what she wants to be when she grows up. In fact, she thinks she is already grown up and often displays more maturity than many adults. Do not try to treat her as a pet, for she will let you know in no uncertain terms that she is a person and that she needs more than just to be fed and housebroken. She is so enthusiastic about living that she rarely idles away her time. She is highly creative.

She will start many projects that normally defy the abilities of a child. She may be designing the set for an opera, stitching up a designer dress, or painting a mural for her bedroom wall. Whatever the project, it will always show imagination, flair, and knowledge that is beyond her years. She is a hard worker who will put much energy into her endeavors and finish what she starts.

She has a rich fantasy life. Her imagination takes her to distant shores, and she has secret places in her mind that she shares with no one. She is able to visualize anything. In fact, her mind works with a variety of visual patterns. She can imagine herself in many different situations, and there is often a strong sexual basis to her daydreams.

The Cosmic Child is a wonder to behold. She is an adult in a child's body. She brings with her into her life many memories of a distant past. She is very intuitive. She feels and experiences things in a different way. She expresses her innermost self. She lives a full and complete life.

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